ESG Consensus® methodology

Neutrality and Comparability

  • Beyond ESG ratings, meta-aggregation of key experts’ ESG views
  • Measurement of the conversion or dispersion of opinions
  • Comprehensive representation of the market’s overall trends
ESG® average Consensus® strength

Conser’s ESG consensus methodology aggregates the market views for more than 7’000 companies obtained through various clusters and powered by a double dimension:

  • collects ESG market opinions
  • measures the dispersion of ESG opinions

ESG Consensus®

The ESG Consensus® follows a reverse engineering proprietary methodology based on collective intelligence.

The purpose is to capture the variety of ESG opinions for a company or an issuer.

The technique is to implicitly reconstitute investable “best in class” universe from key ESG experts.

Unbiased approach to assess and compare investment solutions


Neutral methodology enabling multi managers comparison


Conser is neither an Asset Manager nor a rating agency, but an ESG verifier


Relying on market intelligence based on effective investment decisions

Portfolio analytics

In depth audit process identifying controversies as well as positive Impact


Systematic and digitalized approach allowing for scalability and reproducibility