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Conser is a Swiss investment advisory firm 100% dedicated to responsible investment. We advise institutional investors, foundations and asset managers on making investment decisions in line with the principles of sustainable development. Our independent structure and open architecture guarantee no conflict of interest, and client’s interests are in the center of decision making.

What we offer

Strategic advisory

Our team of consultants brings you a complete understanding of ESG and impact investing. We will help you to define and adapt your investment process to achieve both financial returns and positive impact. We use our proprietary Value Mapping tool to establish a sustainable investment policy. Our ESG Consensus® and Portfolio Check tools will provide an initial sustainability assessment of your existing portfolio and help to clarify milestones for a progressive transformation towards more positive impact.

Investment management

Our investment team will advise you on constructing a portfolio that will maximize both performance and positive impact, making use of the wide array of ESG and impact investing approaches and solutions now available. Your asset allocation and impact objectives will determine a customised universe of compliant securities or the best funds tailored to your preferences. We have developed a specific fund selection process that validates the expertise of the external fund management team and assesses the entire process from the investment policy to the evaluation of the ESG quality of the holdings.

Our tools

ESG Consensus®

The ESG consensus® methodology provides the most representative market perception of an investment’s sustainability risk. The assessment is based on multiple recognized ESG sources. It determines the average and the convergence of these independant ESG opinions in order to guarantee reliable and unbiased results.

Markets Map

Fund database

Our proprietary fund database regroups an exhaustive range of ESG and impact investment solutions in all asset classes. A large set of qualitative and quantitative filters enables us to identify the best opportunities for each investor. Each fund is categorized according to its sustainability objectives and rated accordingly. The fund analysts assess the investment process, the quality of the external fund's management team and the sustainability track-record of its portfolio. Each fund is then given a qualitative rating. A quantitative screening based on risk and alpha factors enables us to focus on the best opportunities. A thorough due diligence is then conducted which includes meeting with the fund's management team.

Portfolio Check

The Portfolio Check is the ultimate tool for monitoring the ESG risks of investments. A one page document visually describes the critical sustainability issues of a portfolio. All holdings are screened based on their ESG Consensus® ratings and their exposure to serious controversies and ESG impacts.

ESG Simulator

Value mapping

Each investor has his or her own set of values, which will determine the investment solutions best suited to his or her needs. In order to identify what the most appropriate solutions might be, we have developed a proprietary questionnaire, in which we have systemised the definition of sustainable investment guidelines. These investment guidelines define the client’s sensitivity and clarify his or her priorities in terms of financial returns and sustainability impacts. Result of the questionnaire can be used to communicate with investment managers and other stakeholders. Based on our expertise and knowledge of the existing investment solutions, we define priorities and allocate capital to the specific impact or ESG investment solution preferred by the investor and fitting his or her values.


Angela de Wolff

Business development and advisory


Natacha Guerdat

Asset management and fund selection


Jean Laville

R&D and risk management


Heiner Weber

International Business Development


Bernard Vischer

Board member


Olivier Collombin

Board member


Anthony Chatelanat

Project leader


Luciano Leone

Senior ESG Analyst




As a certified B Corporation, we are part of a community of more than 1’000 companies across 60 industries with one unifying goal: redefining success in business. We meet rigorous standards of performance, accountability, and transparency, and are using the power of business to alleviate poverty, to address climate changes, and to build strong local communities and great places to work. 


We are a signatory of the Principle for Responsible Investing (PRI) the world's leading proponent of responsible investment. The PRI works to understand the investment implications of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors and to support its international network of investor signatories in incorporating these factors into their investment and ownership decisions.



We are founding members of SSF whose role is to strengthen the position of Switzerland in the global marketplace for sustainable finance by informing, educating and catalysing growth.


We are founding members of SFG, an association that establishes Geneva as the center for innovation in sustainable finance.


We are a signatory of the CDP, the only global disclosure system for companies, cities, states and regions to manage their environmental impacts and for investors or purchasers to access environmental information for use in financial decisions.


As an independent asset manager, Conser is supervised by the Swiss Association of Asset Manager (SAAM). As such we are part of the professional association as well – and are therefore obliged to adhere to the professional standards of SAAM in Switzerland. These correspond to official requirements – and are approved by FINMA.

Conser regroups a very unique set of experts having a long experience in sustainable investing. They have passion for sustainability and investment and have led most of their careers in this field. As recognized expert in this space, Conser’s staff have been instrumental in the setting up of two leading associations in this field in Switzerland (SSF and SFG).

Conser services are indifferently offered to direct investors (B2C) or investment professionals (B2B) seeking to address specific client’s demand. They range from pension funds to foundations or financial institutions such as Banks, insurances or independent asset managers.

Constructing ESG and impact investment portfolios requires a particular set of skills. Conser regroups a unique set of experts having extensive experience in the sustainable investing field in addition to strong conventional investing capabilities. Senior consultants have a range of expertise from stock and bond analysis, fund management, quantitative research, portfolio management and engagement activities.

There is a common belief at Conser, that investors endorse a responsibility as shareholders and should actively seek to favour companies with best environmental, social and governance practices. There is also a strong conviction that on the long run there is no better or other way to make sound and performing investment decisions.